At ProfiNRG, we go beyond installing solar panels. We offer a wide range of smart and innovative solutions that not only reduce costs but also increase returns for roofs, fields and greenhouses. With our technical expertise and creative innovations, we focus on building large-scale solar parks that contribute to a sustainable future and accelerate the energy transition.



Combining energy storage in batteries with a solar installation opens doors to countless benefits and versatile possibilities. In fact, batteries increase the efficiency of your solar farm in several ways. Consider temporary energy storage when the solar farm produces more energy than can be used through the grid connection at that time, also known as 'peakshaving'.

Agri PV vertical panels bifacial

Sun and agro

Are you looking for a way to future-proof your agricultural business while generating stable, additional income? Perhaps you have already considered solar panels, but do not want this investment to be at the expense of your current business activities? In that case, integrating vertical solar panels or a canopy over your fruit trees offers a very interesting solution. This allows you to continue farming while harnessing the power of the sun to generate renewable energy.

sun on greenhouse


The original construction of a greenhouse is not designed to support solar panels. To meet this challenge, ProfiNRG has developed an innovative mounting system that makes optimal use of the existing structure. We remove the glass and place the solar panels in our self-developed profile system, which is attached to the existing ridges. This results in a sturdy construction with cost-efficient building costs.

cablepooling wind and solar energy on 1 transformer

Synergy between solar and wind: cost savings and grid benefits

Do you already own a wind system and are considering the realisation of a solar system, or are you thinking of a combined solar and wind system? We are ready to work with you. Combining solar and wind energy offers significant cost savings, as often the same grid connection, cabling and transformer can be used (cable pooling). In addition, this combination provides another advantage: there are no restrictions from grid operators in case of grid congestion. This means that you can apply for and receive subsidies for your sustainable project without any problems.

floating solar panels

Sun on water

The Netherlands has extensive wetlands, many of which have an industrial background, such as sand mining lakes and reservoirs. These water surfaces provide ideal terrain for the development of floating solar parks. Such parks generate significant solar energy, thanks to the additional reflection of sunlight on the water and the natural cooling of the solar panels, which increases their efficiency. Moreover, these solar islands are usually located out of sight, have a low profile and offer numerous opportunities to promote biodiversity in the pond. Moreover, no precious agricultural land is sacrificed, something in line with our commitment to sustainability.

EMS system

Energy management

For companies facing a surplus of generated solar energy, our Energy Management System (EMS) offers the perfect solution. The EMS ensures that your electricity consumption coincides as much as possible with the times when you produce energy. This can be achieved by activating machinery, charging forklifts, vehicles or batteries, or by heating your hot water supply. In this way, you maximise the use of the energy generated by your solar installation, making the most of your sustainable investment.

charging stations

Charging poles and charging squares

Charging plazas are an innovative and sustainable solution by linking solar energy directly to the charging of electric cars and trucks. This not only meets the energy needs of your business, but also provides a valuable service to both your customers and visitors.

With our charging squares, you take an important step towards green mobility. By using the solar energy generated to charge vehicles, you not only reduce your company's carbon footprint, but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Our charging stations are not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-efficient. You maximise your investment in solar energy by using it directly for charging electric vehicles, ultimately resulting in lower operating costs.

Moreover, companies that invest in charging plazas show their commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability, which can have a positive impact on their image and customer loyalty.

In short, with our charging plazas, you combine green energy generation with facilitating electric driving, contributing not only to a cleaner planet but also to the growth of your business.

hydrogen storage and electrolyser


Hydrogen is a unique energy carrier with remarkable properties. The production and consumption process can be completely carbon-free, without any CO2 emissions. Moreover, hydrogen can be stored for long periods of time without loss of energy. In addition, it is possible to transport hydrogen through existing gas infrastructure. Green hydrogen is created by using renewable energy, such as green electricity, to split water (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). This hydrogen can then be used as gas in boilers, serve as feedstock in industry, or be converted back into electricity using a fuel cell.