Solar panels business roof IJmuiden

At this project of Cornelis Vrolijk BV in IJmuiden, nearly 3.5 MW will be generated so they can supply themselves with ample renewable energy. Our colleague Eddy Bosch tells us that Sunbeam BV chose the portrait arrangement in order to be able to put more power on the roof, and thus achieve the highest possible efficiency. The
Huawei FusionSolar
SUN2000-100KTL inverters are connected to string boxes i.vm. lightning protection.
Gert jan Janssens of Van Vliet Bouwmanagement BV may supervise this project on behalf of Vrolijk, thus contributing to the achievement of their goal of achieving 20% CO2 reduction on both their ships and real estate. "In the storm a few months ago, all the panels stayed in place! So well installed by the ProfiNRG installation team!" said Gert jan".
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