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Energy solutions for farmers

Back in charge of your energy bill in 3 steps

3 steps

Renewable energy is the future and also offers financial benefits!

If you have plans to become more sustainable, be sure to consider 3-stroke solar panels, battery storage and energy trading.
If you generate energy with solar panels and/or a wind turbine and combine this with a battery system, you become master of your energy bill again. A whole new revenue model emerges with smart buying and selling of your own energy in 3 steps:

1. Solar panels generate renewable energy.
2. With a battery system, you store energy, at times of surplus.
3. With an energy management system, you automatically trade on the energy market.

With this solution, you will be less dependent on the grid, reduce your energy costs and create additional income by buying and selling energy on the lucrative energy market.

Thinking in terms of possibilities

ProfiNRG has its roots in the agricultural sector. Thus, we have already realised many large solar installations on roofs, land and on greenhouses at farms.

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We have also been handling SDE subsidy applications for farmers for more than 10 years.

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Opportunities for Farmers

Making smart money with a battery

Large-scale battery systems make it possible to store (renewable) energy and tap it again when needed. So you stay in charge of your own energy.

Some of the benefits:
- Take advantage of negative power prices
- Earn on stabilising the energy grid
- Get more out of your grid connection

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Solar panels on your roof(s)

As a farmer, you usually have large stables and barns. The surface area is often sufficient to generate your entire annual energy consumption with a solar installation. Most roofs are suitable for installing solar panels.

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Solar panels on your land

Solar energy is key to achieving climate goals. Solar on rooftops alone is unfortunately insufficient for this. So solar parks are needed.

Land in the Netherlands is scarce and valuable. We believe we should therefore handle the use of this land intelligently.

The relatively new Agri-PV offers great opportunities, so you continue to use the land but also generate green energy.

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Solar panels on greenhouses

Solar panels on greenhouses offer horticultural businesses an exciting opportunity to generate renewable energy. Ongoing technological developments make this feasible for an increasing number of companies. ProfiNRG is a specialist in this field and will help you further, even if you want to turn your greenhouse into an energy source.

Whether it is farmland, rooftops or greenhouses, if you have these spaces and want to install solar panels, we are here to help you invest in the future of your business. We understand that buying a large solar installation is a serious investment. That is why we offer you smart solutions with a high return and a short payback period, and we are happy to guide you in making the best choice.

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At ProfiNRG, you as a farmer can count on the very best technical solutions, excellent warranty conditions, attractive financing options, the highest energy yield in kilowatt-hours (kWh), and the best return on your investment. In short, everything you need for a successful switch to solar energy.

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Financing via Zonlease

ZonLease is the financial lease product of SolarPanelShares for financing solar panel installations in the business market.

ZonLease is specially designed for smaller solar energy projects with a size of 50,000 to 400,000 euros. In this form of financing, ZonLease is the buyer of the solar power system and then makes it available to the entrepreneur. 

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