roofs and solar panels

Roofs and solar panels

The ideal combination

You can also rely on ProfiNRG for installing solar panels on roofs. Our experts ensure that installations are completed on time and within your budget.

Advantages of solar panels

Combining roofs and solar panels offers great benefits:

Flat roofs: Structures can easily be placed on roofs with the best orientation and slope angle for optimal performance.
Invisible: In the case of company roofs, solar panels are often invisible.
Little shade: On roofs, solar panels capture the maximum amount of light in many cases.
Lightweight: On roofs that have low structural load-bearing capacity, we apply special mounting systems and lightweight panels, allowing panels to be installed anyway.
Large surface area: A large installation can be realised.

ProfiNRG can connect your system quickly and professionally because we have our own (hoisting) equipment. Thanks to short lines of communication with suppliers and subcontractors, we can connect your system quickly and professionally.

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