Sun on greenhouse:

A powerful combination for greenhouse growers!

Second life for your greenhouse

Are you active in the greenhouse horticulture sector? If so, you have access to a potential power plant that is not only cost savings yields, but also generates additional revenue!

The original Venlo greenhouse structure was not designed to support solar panels, but we at ProfiNRG have developed an innovative solution to that. Our advanced mounting system makes optimal use of the existing greenhouse construction. Our experts carefully remove the glass and slide the solar panels into our specially developed profile system, which is seamlessly mounted on the existing rods.

Did you know:
- The pricing of Zon op Kas is broadly comparable to the cost of conventional ground-mounted solar installations of similar size?
- We also offer an attractive financing option called 'Zonlease'?

Your greenhouse gets a second life with Sun on Greenhouse, instead of being scrapped. This means your greenhouse can produce renewable energy for as long as 25 years. A win-win situation!

photo by Luco Brouwer

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