Open energy day Sept. 11: come see solar farm langstraatzon

This year the Open Energy Day is being organized for the first time: on September 11, interested parties can visit a wind turbine, solar farm, heat installation or other renewable energy projects throughout the Netherlands. Solar park LangstraatZon in Waalwijk will also open its doors to the public that Saturday.

In the coming years, the Netherlands will generate more and more energy from renewable sources, such as with wind turbines, solar panels, ground heat, heat pumps or from water. During the Open Energy Day, anyone can come see for themselves and experience how it works. At dozens of locations nationwide, producers are opening their doors. Visitors can also visit in Waalwijk, at Zonnepark LangstraatZon. More information can be found at

About Zonnepark Langstraat Zon Waalwijk

Langstraat Zon Coöperatie U.A is a civic initiative with the goal of generating solar energy in the municipality of Waalwijk, together with residents, businesses and associations in the municipality. On the Ecopark of the municipality of Waalwijk, ProfiNRG is realizing a solar park with a total of 15,610 solar panels. Work is currently underway to install the solar panels. By mid-October, we hope to have the solar system up and running. The total capacity of this system comes to 5,853.75 kWp, comparable to the consumption of 1,600 households.

Practical information

The solar park at Gansoyenseweg 20 in Waalwijk can be visited between 11:00 and 15:00. There will be ongoing tours of the solar farm. There will also be a bouncy castle for the children and a French fry cart for the tasty treats (until 1:30 p.m.). Of course, coffee and tea are also provided. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday in Waalwijk!

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Location: Gansoyenseweg 20 in Waalwijk

Parking: Hazardweg Waalwijk, see parking attendants.

Time: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Please note that from the parking lot it is about a 700-meter walk.

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