Rova opens solar farm upper field - a challenging project due to rolling terrain

Rova opens Bovenveld solar farm ‘a challenging project due to rolling terrain’

In the municipality of Hardenberg, we installed a PV installation of over 16ha on the former Bovenveld landfill between Hardenberg and Ommen. The 20,500 solar panels provide 1,500 households with green power. This accelerates the Hardenberg municipality’s process of generating energy in a sustainable way.
What else can you do with an old landfill? Do you let sheep graze there indefinitely or is there also a dual function that can be thought of? Yes, discovered ROVA, active in waste and raw materials collection and public space management. On December 1, Zonnepark Bovenveld was inaugurated in the municipality of Hardenberg. “ProfiNRG’s 17,000 panels together generate enough green energy to power over 1,850 households annually.”

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