Delivered: Roofing project Werkhoven

Opvelerd: Agricultural project Werkhoven At this fruit farm in Werkhoven, ProfiNRG recently completed a 579 kWp PV system. A total of 1,413 410Wp solar panels were installed and connected to 10 Huawei FusionSolar 40-KTL-M3 inverters. The system has now also received Scope 12 approval. Also solar panels on your roof or ground? Call 030-265 85 […]

SDE++ 2023 final amounts known

SDE++ 2023 final amounts known The final amounts for Solar PV for the Sustainable Energy Production and Climate Transition Incentive Scheme (SDE++) 2023 have been published. The grant scheme opens Sept. 5 and closes Oct. 5. This year we see a break in the trend and the maximum amounts have increased compared to previous years. […]

Cable pooling solar farm Langstraat Zon commissioned

Cable pooling solar farm Langstraat Zon commissioned After a 9-month development and testing period, Eneco has agreed to commission the medium-voltage power control system at LangstraatZon in Waalwijk. The solar farm is built on an old landfill and uses the grid connection from an Eneco wind farm. The power control is set so that the […]

Solar panels business roof Vianen

On the roof of Miele in Vianen, we recently installed a 1.38 MWp PV system. In early March, the 9 pieces of 100KTL inverters with arc eye detection were switched on and the 3692 375WP solar panels were able to run at full capacity.