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Your Partner for Solar Projects in North-West Europe

ProfiNRG, an experienced EPC contractor, specializes in ground-mounted solar projects across north-west Europe. We focus on supporting small and medium-sized solar project developers. While these developers excel at initiating projects, they often require assistance to bring them to fruition due to limited expertise, experience, or capital.

How We Help:

1. Technical Expertise: ProfiNRG provides technical support during the permitting phase of your project.

2. Optimization: We assist in both technical and financial optimization of your solar projects.

3. Project Participation: When projects are near the Ready-to-Build stage, ProfiNRG can acquire a share. We enhance value by optimizing projects, arranging project finance, construction and asset management.

4. Long-Term Investment: At Commercial Operation Date (COD), we facilitate the sale of the project to long-term investors.

5. Collaboration: Beyond co-development, ProfiNRG explores various partnership opportunities to maximize project success.

We invite you to discuss how we can work together. Kontakt us today!

Project development Support

ProfiNRG has long been active as an EPC contractor for ground mounted projects in north-west Europe. The company has a focus on small and medium sized solar project developers. Many of these developers are successful in initiating projects but may need some support to bring their projects into operation. This is often caused by a lack of expertise, experience or capital. We can support these Project Developers.

ProfiNRG supports project developers with technical expertise during the permitting phase of the project. Furthermore, we can  help with technically and financially optimizing these projects. 

When needed we can acquire a share in the projects when the projects are at or close to Ready-to-Build stage. In this case, we also add value by technically and financially optimizing the projects, arrange the Project Finance and build and operate the project. Followed by construction and asset management.

At Commercial Operation Date (COD) the project can be sold to a long term investor. Besides co-development, ProfiNRG has a lot of experience with other types of partnerships to add value and bringing projects into operation. We would be pleased to discuss the opportunities to work together.

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