What is hydrogen (H2)?

The unique properties of H2 include that both production and consumption are entirely CO2 free, and that it can be stored for a long time without energy loss. Hydrogen is 'Green' if it is made by using 'green energy' to produce water (H2O) to split into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). The green hydrogen can then be used in gas boilers, used as feedstock in industry, or converted back into electricity through a fuel cell. ProfiNRG focuses on applications of hydrogen for transport and mobility.


Internal transport

Say you have a warehouse and you want to electrify your material handling, you would prefer to use your own generated energy as much as possible. You can do this by using the generated energy to charge forklift batteries, or to produce 'hydrogen' for forklifts to run on.

For large distribution centres (with more than 75 forklifts), there are significant advantages of these forklifts:

  • Large own consumption solar installation
  • Short and easy refuelling
  • Clean emissions
  • Good radius of action, even at low temperatures
  • No space required for charging and/or changing batteries
  • Good business case

ProfiNRG designs, builds and maintains your hydrogen refuelling station with its own hydrogen production!

External transport

If you want to make use of your generated energy for your cars or trucks, you can do so in several ways. You can use it to charge the batteries of these vehicles, or you can use it to produce hydrogen for the vehicles running on it. The use of H2 The advantage here is that your vehicle can be filled up with a large amount of renewable energy within minutes.

ProfiNRG offers several options for the realisation of your own refuelling station with local hydrogen production. This can range from the size of a refuelling station for a limited number of cars, to a public refuelling station.

Hydrogen mobility

Would you like to become more sustainable with a solar power system?


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