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What we build

Smart solutions


Over the years, ProfiNRG has come up with various smart cost-saving and yield-increasing solutions for roofs, fields and greenhouses. We were the first provider with a dynamic power limiter, which ensured that customers could use more solar photovoltaic (PV) power on their connection.

Optimise your yield and and reduce your operational costs through our technical optimisations of existing installations.

Mounting solar panels on solar farm

Solar Parks

ProfiNRG builds large-scale solar parks on behalf of project developers and “Sun on the Farm” for agricultural companies. With a motivated team of experienced engineers and project managers, we will realise your project on time and and within budget.We are your partner for the design, purchasing, construction, project management and maintenance of your solar park. Your project is in good hands with us.


Energy Storage

Optimise your solar installation with energy storage for maximum efficiency.A solar roof or solar park backed up by a battery has many applications. At ProfiNRG design, integrate and and maintain tailor-made battery solutions for your solar roof or solar park.

Solar panels on greenhouse in luttelgeest

Solar Greenhouses

Revolutionary in greenhouse horticulture: ProfiNRGs innovative mounting system makes optimal use of existing structures. Our experts carefully remove the glass and integrate solar panels into our specially designed profile system, which is effortlessly mounted on the existing roof frame elements. This results in a solid construction that is not only durable but also cost-effective to construct.

solar carport

Solar Carports

Installing solar carports on car parks is a good alternative to solar panels on roofs or agricultural land. Our Solar Carports can be equipped with (fast) charging stations so that cars can be charged directly and cost-effectively with the electricity generated. This reduces the burden on the energy network (load balancing) and the panels provide a higher return.

1. Efficient use of space
2. Lower costs
3. Flexible and adaptable
4. Easy to maintain

Solar panels on company roof


With our advanced (financial) models we calculate the optimal design for your solar panels and batteries. Based on your consumption profile and current energy market data, we map out all possible costs and revenues. Choose our attractive financing option ‘Zonlease’.

Rapid connection to the grid

A quick connection of our system to the electricity grid keeps costs down during the construction of large-scale installations. Our project managers and work planners ensure a detailed,, prepared and phased construction process. This allows you to commission the solar panel installation phase-by-phase, while we ensure a seamless connection to the electricity grid..

You can trust us for:

  • A well-thought-out solar panel system
  • Use of high-quality materials
  • A clear cost-benefit analysis
  • Advice and support with financing arrangements
  • A favourable payback period
  • Outstanding service

Choose certainty

When you invest in solar panels, it is essential to go for quality and and reliability.Banks and insurers impose strict requirements on the installer and the materials used. That is why we recommend choosing solar panels that meet the highest European quality standards and an installer with the Zonnekeur quality mark. With more than 10 years of experience in solar power systems, ProfiNRG is a proven and and reliable partner..