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EPC voor grootschalige natuurinclusieve zonneparken

Choose sustainability, choose ProfiNRG

As an independent and financially healthy EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) party, we have a great deal of experience in realising large-scale solar parks.. Deze voorzien wij indien gewenst van energieopslag, variërend van 2 tot honderden Megawatts. Wij werken graag met u samen om uw natuurinclusieve zonnepark te realiseren.

You can count on:
- Our In-house technical expertise
- Smart solutions
- A bankable, solid EPC party
- Performance guarantee and aftercare
- Streamlined collaboration and processes
- A quality player with all necessary certifications and quality marks
- Unique partnerships with Tier-1 suppliers such as JA-Solar, Longi, Tongwei, Jinko Solar and Huawei

Your partner from A to Z

No two companies or locations are the same, which is why we custom-design every system. It doesn't stop there, because we take care of the complete process, from design and planning to installation, optimisation and and aftercare. Quality and the maximum return on your investment are paramount. We do this by working with leading manufacturers and using high-quality materials.

• If you choose ProfiNRG, you are choosing fast realisation, a streamlined project approach and a hands-on mentality.

Hulshof brothers, owners solar farm Lievelde

Solutions for the agricultural sector

Take back conrol of your own energy

Your own solar field

Do you have space amongst your buildings or on vacant land? Solar fields broaden the economic base and future sustainability of agricultural companies. More and more provinces and local authorities are allowing agricultural companies to install solar panels within or adjacent to their agricultural buildings in small-scale field setups.

Agri Solar ensures double use of your valuable land

More and more farmers are discovering the importance of green energy, but do not want to give up fertile land for it. That is why we believe that Agri Solar has the future. We install vertical solar panels on your land to provide dual use. You can still graze livestock there, but growing crops between the panels is also possible.

Het belang van natuurinclusieve zonneparken

Renewable energy

The energy transition has the highest priority. Just like you, we are striving for a sustainable future. That is why we are using our technical knowledge and innovations to build large-scale solar power installations.

Om de Europese doelstellingen uit het Energieakkoord voor Nederland te realiseren is het gebruik van zonne-energie onmisbaar. Het opwekken van zonne-energie op daken alleen is hiervoor helaas onvoldoende. Daarom hebben wij slimme innovaties bedacht, zodat ook op andere manieren grootschalige natuurinclusieve zonneparken kunnen worden gebouwd.

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Intelligent use of land

Land is scarce and valuable. The use of this land must therefore be handled intelligently. That is why we strive to develop our solar parks not only on agricultural land but also on contaminated, industrial or infrastructure-designated land such as parking lots. Moreover, we can mount the panels in such a way that the land can be used twice over. In this way, its agricultural function can be preserved.

  • ProfiNRG takes care of the whole process for your solar park: from design and planning to installation and aftercare..
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