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About ProfiNRG

More than 10 years of quality

Professionals in solar energy

About ProfiNRG

Our story

Our story started in 2009 when founder Cees van de Werken took his first steps into the world of solar energy. At the time, solar panels were mainly popular among private individuals who were early adopters. In 2012, Cees, together with co-founder Bert van Woudenberg, made the important decision to focus exclusively on business customers. This marked the beginning of our journey, during which we realised numerous large-scale solar energy projects for farms and large companies. In 2013, we also started supplying complete solar energy systems to construction and installation companies.

In the more than 10 years that we have been active, we have already designed and built more than 2,000 solar energy installations, with a combined capacity of 500 MW. In addition, we have projects in progress with capacities ranging from 500 kWp to no less than 100 MWp.

We are now a leading EPC party in the construction and operation of large-scale solar energy installations from 500 kWp as well as battery systems in the Netherlands. And we our now active in Northern Europe as well, especially in: Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. What you can expect from us:

Wat u van ons kunt verwachten:
- Maximum return on investment
- Quality and craftsmanship
- Guarantee
- Service

Unsere Expertise erstreckt sich über mehr als 10 Jahre und wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir Lösungen bieten können, die höchsten Ansprüchen an Solarenergieprojekte genügen. Entdecken Sie, was wir für Sie bedeuten können, wenn es um intelligente Solarenergieanlagen für verschiedene Sektoren geht, darunter Solarenergieprojektentwickler, Agrar- und Großbetriebe, Behörden, Bau- und Installationsbetriebe:
• PV systems on the roof
• Solar parks (ground-based)
• Solar panels on horticultural greenhouses
• Solar carports
• Energy storage (hydrogen and batteries)

Our vision & mission

At ProfiNRG we strongly believe in the power of solar energy installations, especially when combined with advanced storage systems. We see this as the key to a CO2-neutral energy supply and as a driving force behind the acceleration of the energy transition.

Our mission is clear: contribute to a sustainable future by making green solar energy accessible to everyone. We achieve this by bundling our technical expertise with smart innovations. Our ultimate goal is to significantly reduce the cost of solar energy so that we can build solar energy installations for our customers without the need for subsidies.

At ProfiNRG we aim to make solar energy the standard form of energy supply. We remain committed to progress and sustainability, and we are determined to accelerate the energy transition.

Why ProfiNRG?

  • We are a financially healthy, Dutch builder.
  • We supply the best-designed (turn-key) installations with maximum power at minimum cost.
  • We have our own extensive technical expertise and have all necessary certificates and quality marks (ISO9001, ISO14001, VCA**, Uneto-VNI, Zonnekeur, SEI recognised).
  • We contribute to the necessary acceleration of the energy transition by focusing on innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • With over 10 years of experience and more than 1,500 installations completed, we stand for quality, standardisation and and reliability..
  • We only work with tier-1 suppliers as JA Solar and Huawei.
  • We ensure a properly functioning system and the highest possible output throughout the entire life of your solar energy installation.

Together we make every project a success