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ProfiNRG dreams of
water on Bear Sheba

Involved in Africa

Give electrical installation equipment a second life in Africa

In the Netherlands, a lot of material, for example discarded but still working solar panels and
leftover installation materials, discarded. In Africa, however, they are eager for this. Through close contacts with Anco van Bergeijk and Ewien van Bergeijk (CAMA) in Senegal, much of ProfiNRG's project leftover installation equipment finds its way to Africa. This allows safe, professional solar installations to be realised, making a real difference. In particular, they help clinics, homes and schools to have a stable, own, energy supply.


So if you have leftover or good used materials, from sockets, cables (thick and thin), cable shoes, electrical distribution boxes, group boxes to solar panels and inverters as well as mounting materials or other auxiliary materials needed to make solar installations, call +030- 341 0990 or e-mail Large batches can be collected by Anco volunteers.

Bert van Woudenberg

Second life for solar panels in Africa

A challenging project

Bert: "I am currently in Senegal visiting Anco and Ewien van Bergeijk to help install small-scale off-grid solar systems with battery storage for the night. This is for schools, clinics, water pumps etc. Some panels of a PV system were damaged beyond repair after a fire at a commercial building. Since no one could guarantee that the remaining panels were still good, everything had to be destroyed. In the end, we were able to convince them to allow us to donate the good panels to Africa. This makes us, but certainly the people in Africa, very happy. If you come across another batch of these kinds of panels, electricity distributors or batteries, please contact me. I will then make sure they will be put to good use."

Bert van Woudenberg, March 2022

Will you help?

ProfiNRG dreams of 24/7 water on Bear Sheba

ProfiNRG's 10th anniversary in 2022 coincided with the 10th anniversary of the Beer Sheba project in Senegal. Reason for us to put this project in the extra spotlight. Partly for this reason, our marketing & communication colleagues went to Senegal to visit the projects where, among other things, our used/remaining solar panels and inverters go.

In addition, instead of the usual gifts, we asked for financial contributions for a battery storage system. With this battery system, they can use the power generated during the day, for the sprinkler system at night. This gives the soil enough time to absorb the water, before it evaporates. So they save a lot of precious groundwater.

Watch the video and get an impression of this beautiful project.

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Burkina Faso 2019

ProfiNRG spreads wings to Africa

ProfiNRG has a series of solar panel projects in Africa realised. Director Bert van Woudenberg is in Burkina Faso been there to help realise a number of pv-projects.

Van Woudenberg: 'I am delighted that we were able to contribute to a number of solar panel projects in Burkina Faso. It was a great experience to work with a number of local people, led by Anco van Bergeijk. Here, we supplied a number of radio stations and a school with solar panels and battery systems, enabling these installations to run completely standalone. With equipment from ProfiNRG and manpower from Van Beusekom Harmelen, great things have happened here with grateful people as the end result.'