Contribution to energy transition


762 solar panels


255 kWp

CO2 reduction

104,500 kg CO2 savings


Drunen dairy farm

Dairy farm De Kern's choice of ProfiNRG:

"Expertise from A to Z"

"I would like to join sustainable developments with our dairy farm. I do that for myself, consumers and buyers. With our dairy cows I produce CO2-neutrally and with our solar panels I even supply power to the grid now. That way, I contribute to generating sustainable energy for consumers.

I came into contact with Wind Unie through FrieslandCampina and they had very good experiences with ProfiNRG. Because of the good advice and favourable business case, I chose ProfiNRG to realise a project on the roof of our stables.

Quite a long and complicated process followed. Yet I soon realised that I had joined forces with a very professional party, because ProfiNRG's staff guided me through it perfectly. What I also found an added value? The project leader's agricultural background. That gave me a lot of confidence. He had expertise from A to Z. Exactly at my 50ebirthday, the PV system went into operation. A great present, because the end result is definitely there."

Gertoin van Dal, De Kern dairy farm in Drunen



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