Solar farm De Zonne Akkers

Contribution to energy transition


6,928 solar panels


2.2 MWp

CO2 reduction

80,000 kg per year


Ecological horticulture project

The land between and around the solar panels will be used for an organic horticultural project. Jaap Keuning, initiator and chairman of Stichting Innovatief Zonne-energiepark Meeden, on the solar park: 'The project not only ensures the supply of sustainable electricity in our region, but with it we are also improving the living environment by sowing field edges and building an ecological horticultural project. Nice to do that with the people here in the area.'

The energy generated can be purchased by local residents through Energie VanOns. Stichting Innovatief Zonne-energiepark Meeden (SIZM) is the initiator of the solar meadow. The foundation involved ECONNETIC in developing the project in 2019. ECONNETIC will now continue to be involved as manager of the solar farm.