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Service & maintenance


Worry-free returns with our service- and maintenance services

Want to get the maximum return from your solar power system without having to worry about maintenance and service? ProfiNRG is ready to help you with our extensive service and maintenance contracts. As a (future) owner we can offer you:

  • A system warranty: We guarantee the reliability and performance of your system.
  • Professional Maintenance: Our experts ensure that your system remains in top condition, to maximise energy yield.
  • Fast and Effective Fault Fixing: In the rare event of a malfunction, we are ready to resolve problems quickly and effectively.

With us, you can choose from two different supplementary maintenance contracts, where you determine which part of the maintenance you want to carry out yourself and which part to leave to us. Choose worry-free returns with ProfiNRG.

At ProfiNRG you determine your own maintenance
At ProfiNRG we believe in customisation and flexibility. That is why we offer you the choice of two different supplementary maintenance contracts. You have the freedom to decide which part of the maintenance you want to carry out yourself and which part to entrust to us. In this way, you maintain control over your solar power system while benefiting from our expertise and support. At ProfiNRG, your wishes are central, and we adapt to meet your specific needs.


Maintenance contracts

Profi Plus - Your Direction, our support

With our Profi Plus contract, you retain control while we monitor your installation and yield. If we detect anomalies, we will advise you on the fastest solution, but the choice and responsibility for fixing it remains with you. Any work will be carried out on a subsequent calculation basis. The Profi Plus contract can be concluded for third-party solar power systems as well as those supplied by ProfiNRG.

Profi All-in - Maximum unburdening

With our Profi All-in contract, you pay a fixed amount per year and enjoy maximum unburdening with guaranteed availability and proper functioning of your system. This contract includes solar panel insurance, which covers almost all possible risks. The Profi All-in contract can only be concluded for solar power systems supplied by ProfiNRG.

The Standard System Warranty

At ProfiNRG you receive a standard system warranty on every system we build. The detailed conditions of this standard system warranty can be found in the sales agreement of the solar power system supplied. Whatever your needs, ProfiNRG has a suitable solution to protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

An installation from ProfiNRG gives you peace of mind
of a carefree return for a long time


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