solar carport

Solar carports

Unlock the power of the sun

Installing solar carports at parking places constitutes a good alternative For solar power on rooftops or land. 

Several provinces encourage the installation of solar carports in car parks. For example, the provinces of North and South Holland and Overijssel have special subsidy schemes for the purchase of PV panels in combination with a newly built fixed structure over car parks;

Solar carports

Discover the benefits of Solar-powered car parks

1. Efficient use of space
Our solar carports are installed on existing car parks, so no precious space is lost.

2. Lower costs
Parking enclosures with solar panels not only minimise the impact on the environment, but also your energy costs. This leads to significant savings for both businesses and residential buildings.

3. Flexible and adaptable
Our solar carports offer flexibility in terms of angle, shape, size and colour, making them a perfect fit for your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Moreover, we can easily integrate electric vehicle (EV) charging ports, offering an extra layer of functionality.

4. Easy to maintain
Maintaining your car park becomes significantly easier with our solar carports. They help shed rain and snow from vehicles, extending the life of your car park. In addition, the solar panels themselves require little maintenance, resulting in a hassle-free and cost-effective solution.

5. Comfort
Your visitors' or employees' cars are sheltered and therefore do not overheat.

Opt for sustainability, efficiency and cost saving with our Solar Carports! Contact us today for more information.

photo by Luco Brouwer

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