Sun and Agro: Keep farming and extra income

A special form of solar farm is the combo of Solar and Agro. Do you want to get on with your business for years to come and, in addition, are looking for stable, additional sources of income? Perhaps you have considered solar panels at some point, but do not want this to be at the expense of your current business operations. In that case, the development of vertical solar panels or a canopy over your fruit trees is very interesting for you. This way, you can continue farming while letting the sun work for you.

A harvest can be better or worse, just like the prices you get for your product. A solar farm on your plot with space-saving vertical solar panels gives you the guarantee of a secure yield for the next 25-30 years. By opting for vertical solar panels, you make the most of your plot. There is eight to 12 metres of space between the rows of upright solar panels. That is enough to keep farming. Another option is to install a canopy of solar panels above your fruit trees. These solar panels let enough light through so the fruit will grow well and you will have extra income from the solar panels.

Nudar Esshak

Would you like to become more sustainable with a solar power system?


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