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Construction solar farm arnhem starts

The first piles have been driven, marking the start of construction of Zonnepark Koningspleij in Arnhem. Construction is expected to be completed in spring 2022. The solar park will provide power to some 3,500 households. Through the Dutch energy company Greenchoice, this green power will be used on the nearby IPKW site. A big step in making Arnhem more sustainable. Of course, increasing sustainability already starts with the construction of the park. By largely using electric equipment, nitrogen emissions are minimised.

For the development of the park along the Pleijroute (N325) Arnhem municipality works together with Sunvest Development. Sunvest develops Natural Solar Parks, which are parks that provide sustainable energy and contribute to improving local biodiversity. Together with local entrepreneurs, Sunvest will provide beehives, insect hotels and suitable planting around the solar panels of the Solar Farm. Thanks to the natural integration into the landscape, Zonnepark Koningspleij Arnhem will soon be barely noticeable.

Zonnepark Koningspleij Arnhem is there for and by Arnhem. For example, residents of the municipality of Arnhem have helped to create the park through crowdfunding.

Keeping up to date with developments at the solar farm can be done via www.sunvest.nl/zonnepark-koningspleij.