Intergamma Tiel

Contribution to energy transition


4800 solar panels


375 MWp capacity

CO2 reduction

828,000 kg CO2 savings


Intergamma Tiel

Last year ProfiNRG installing 4,800 375 Wp solar panels on the roof of the Intergamma in Tiel and connecting them to 12 Huawei FusionSolar 100KTL inverters. Good for a power output of 1.8MW! Just before the holidays, here by BeemFlights made a very nice video of it that we got to share with you!

In line with the Paris climate targets, Intergamma is reducing its emissions by a fixed percentage to Net Zero by 2050. In addition, emissions will be reduced by 50% in 2030 compared to 2021. In scope 1 and 2, Intergamma will remain in line with the Science Based Target, already reducing emissions to Net Zero by 2044.

By 2022, several measures have been taken for CO2 reduction. The temperature in the shop premises has been brought down in winter. In addition, investments have been made in LED lighting in the DIY stores. And there are solar panels on the Intergamma Distribution Centre (IG DC) in Tiel. With these and other measures, a CO2 reduction of 8% has been achieved for scope 1 and 2. These measures are in line with the previously set CO2 reduction targets.