Netherlands goes green - a great example of cooperation with our client solar roof.

"This means that we will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly further until we reach zero by 2050. We owe it to future generations to hand over a climate-neutral, fossil-free and circular Netherlands," said Climate and Energy Minister Jetten in his letter to the House of Representatives.

The Netherlands is a prosperous country that can and wants to be among the leaders in Europe in the transition to a green economy. This also provides many social benefits: greater biodiversity, cleaner air and green jobs. That is why it is important to act now.

Netherlands goes green

This approach can succeed if households, communities, businesses (medium and small) and civil society organizations, cooperatives, villages and cities are empowered to make the sustainable transition. The Netherlands is making its contribution to European targets, setting itself a national goal of achieving at least 55% emissions reductions by 2030 compared to 1990. In accordance with the Coalition Agreement, the government is targeting a 60% reduction in emissions when developing policy measures. In doing so, the government aims to ensure that the new 2030 target of -55% in the Climate Act is at least met. By 2050 at the latest, the Netherlands must be climate neutral. The Coalition Agreement includes measures that contribute to meeting climate goals.

In May, under the direction of the Minister of Climate and Energy, the Cabinet will present the first elaboration of the Climate and Energy Policy Programme. This will detail the elaboration of measures from the Coalition Agreement. The premise here is that the Climate and Energy Policy Program builds on the Climate Accord and the Coalition Agreement. For each sector, a coherent policy package of subsidies, pricing and standardization should emerge that achieves the 2030 goals and takes into account the burden implications for citizens and businesses.

Read the entire room letter here.

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