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On this website, you will find a lot of information about us and our green strategy. If your questions remain unanswered after viewing the site, please contact us using the e-mail option below.

ProfiNRG designed, built and commissioned Zonnepark Zuidbroek (50MW) in 1 year. Of course, we are quite proud of that! That is why the above video was made in which our colleague Jesper van Beek takes you on a tour of this wonderful project.

We also recently started the 21.6 MWH battery project at the solar farm. More on that soon!

Thanks to: VAMAT, GANTNER Electronic, NEDKAB BV, DTC Elektro BV, Enexis Group, Van De Wetering Hekwerk, Axial Structural Solutions, Siers Groep B.V., Meins, Loonbedrijf Bouwman, Václav Kaska for their cooperation during this project.

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Video: Joris Visser