Contribution to energy transition


2194 solar panels


809 kWp capacity

CO2 reduction

353,533 CO2 savings


Utrecht Science Park

Utrecht University aims to generate 50 per cent of its energy sustainably by 2030. This can be done through wind energy, thermal storage and solar panels. With the SDE subsidy obtained, the University started installing solar panels in 2016 to reduce some of its CO2 emissions.

We have now installed panels on the following buildings in the Utrecht Science Park:

  • Jeanette Donker-Voetgebouw: 172 panels
  • Young cattle shed: 171 panels
  • Wagon storage: 315 panels
  • Viktor J. Koningsbergen building: 126 panels
  • University Building Uithof: 860 panels
  • Caroline Bleeker Building: 490 panels
  • William C. Schimmel building: 864 panels