Sun on water and biodiversity

Our aim is to enhance the natural function of industrial lakes and ponds with the advent of floating solar fields. The premise here is that we never cover more than 50% of the water, allowing sufficient light and oxygen to enter the water. The floating solar islands themselves are prime spots for accretion of all kinds of organisms at the bottom, which are food sources for fish and other aquatic animals.

We make sure that we do not place the floating solar fields as a massive island, but divide them into several pieces, creating variation, where nature develops around and through them. In addition, we often place floating green and reed islands around the park, which ensure a good natural integration and provide a refuge for birds and fish. The presence of these floating green islets benefits the oxygen content of the water. In deep sand or gravel extraction ponds, partial coverage with solar fields and floating islets will reduce temperature jumps due to gradual warming and cooling.

The waters we focus on have often been artificially created over time, from the need for water storage or sand and gravel extraction, for example. These lakes and ponds in particular have meagre biodiversity in and around the water. There is a world to be won there for us.


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