Become a battery system owner

with a financial lease solution

ProfiNRG has been working with Zonlease for many years. They help finance your energy storage system in an easy way, paying the installer per phase of the installation. Right from the start, you therefore benefit from lower energy costs and tax advantages. You can request the leaflet on battery financing below.

ProfiNRG is ready to optimise your energy management with high-quality battery systems, solar panels and energy management systems. Let us help you achieve your energy goals and reduce your carbon footprint!

The benefits of our partnership with Zonlease:

  • 100% financing, so no investment required
  • Speed of booking out: funding immediately available.
  • For projects from €25,000 up to €1 million.
  • Based on an interest rate of 6.0 - 9.0%
  • Direct ownership of the battery
financing batteries

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Zuidbroek, groningen solar farm with energy storage in the form of battery containers

Batteries, the solution to grid congestion?

Grid congestion is a growing challenge in the Dutch energy market, and the integration of battery systems offers a promising solution to address these problems. Grid congestion occurs when the demand for electricity exceeds the capacity of the electricity network, which can lead to limitations in the supply of electricity and even blackouts.

Battery storage systems, also known as energy storage, can play a crucial role in reducing grid congestion. These systems store electricity when there is an oversupply, for example at times of high production by solar and wind power. At times of peak demand, when the grid is under pressure, the stored energy batteries can be quickly released to meet the extra demand.

The benefits of battery storage systems go beyond just reducing grid congestion. They contribute to power grid stability, reduce the need for costly grid upgrades and support the integration of renewable energy sources. In addition, batteries can serve as backup supply during power outages, improving the reliability of electricity supply.

Choose the future of energy management with ProfiNRG and maximise your energy efficiency with our advanced solutions!

photo by Luco Brouwer


At ProfiNRG we are convinced that the combination of solar energy installations and storage systems can play a crucial role in achieving a CO2-neutral energy supply. This powerful combination allows us to generate and store clean, renewable energy for use when it is needed. In this way, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and actively contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Choose ProfiNRG and join our efforts towards a CO2-neutral energy supply. Together we can have a positive effect on the environment and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Please contact our sales department directly on or e-mail us at 030 - 3410990. We like to think along with you in smart solutions!