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Solar panels for arable farmers

Common sense about solar energy

Arable farmers often have large buildings with significant roof areas that are ideal for installing solar panels. In addition, it may be advantageous to use part of your land or yard to realise a solar park or solar meadow. In this way you contribute to a sustainable future and while reducing your electricity costs.

Invest in sustainability and the future with ProfiNRG

Because realising a solar installation is a significant investment, certainty is crucial. ProfiNRG offers specialised knowledge and years of experience, and with our smart solutions, we strive for high returns and a short payback time.

Is the installation of solar panels a good option for your situation?

In many cases, the available roof area is enough to generate your entire annual energy consumption from solar panels. Most roofs are suitable for solar panels but it is important to first find out whether the roof needs any renovation and whether it can support the weight of the panels. In addition, the cost of the required network connection must be considered. You might also be considering generating extra energy by creating a solar meadow or solar park. Our team is ready to help you and find the best solution.

Take advantage

With ProfiNRG solar panels

Custom installation

ProfiNRG designs exactly the installation you need and provides of the whole process from design and planning to installation and after-care for your solar installation. Quality and the return on your investment always come first. That is why we cooperate with leading manufacturers, choose high-quality materials.

Safety & Quality

Safety First. Installing solar panels is a profession on its own. Always have this done by a certified installer who works safely. ProfiNRG has all certifications and recognitions (ISO9001, ISO 14001). We will design and install a safe and optimally-performing installation for you.

Common sense about solar energy

ProfiNRG has its roots in the agricultural sector. We have extensive experience in realising large-scale solar installations at various locations, including roofs, open land and greenhouses, for arable farmers and other agricultural companies.

Business borrowing or leasing

Business borrowing or leasing to realise a large solar installation is also possible. Together with our partners we can offer you an attractive financing option called: Share solar panels we offer the attractive financing option "Zonlease":

  • Financial lease for projects from €25,000 to €1,000,000
  • Without any investment from yourself
  • Immediate tax advantages
  • Save on energy costs

We would be happy to talk with you about tailor-made financing for an energy storage system. This applies to a stand-alone energy storage system, an addition to an existing solar energy project or in combination with a newly-built solar energy system.

See the financing option

Solar panels on farm arable farmer

Would you like to become more sustainable with a solar power system?


Choose ProfiNRG and join our efforts towards a CO2-neutral energy supply. Together we can have a positive effect on the environment and create a sustainable future for generations to come. our SDE page.

Call us at 030-3410990 for a no-obligation appointment or fill in an authorisation form in. We will then apply for your SDE++ for you with no obligation.