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New coalition agreement: looking out for each other, looking forward to the future

What does the new coalition agreement mean for climate? The government wants to empower households and communities, businesses and cooperatives and villages and cities to make a sustainable transition. They want to do this by:

  • The 2030 target in the Climate Act will be tightened to at least 55% CO2 reduction. By 2035, it should be 70% and 80% by 2040.
  • The implementation power will be strengthened and there will be a generation test.
  • There will be a €35bn climate and transition fund for the next 10 years, in addition to the current SDE++ subsidy.
  • Procedures for the realisation of new large-scale energy infrastructure projects (of national importance) are accelerated.
  • Climate policy will be recalibrated based on the expected impacts on CO2 emissions and affordability for households and SMEs.
  • Training or retraining/upskilling sufficient skilled workers.

The coalition pins its hopes on building 2 nuclear power plants to make the Netherlands CO2 neutral. It allocates 5 billion to carry out feasibility studies. For that budget, a lot of wind and solar farms can be realised, which will also produce much faster results, at lower prices.

Read here. the entire coalition agreement.

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Source: cabinet formation2021