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SDE++ 2023 final amounts known

The final amounts for Solar PV for the Sustainable Energy Production and Climate Transition Incentive Scheme (SDE++) 2023 have been published. The subsidy scheme opens 5 September and closes 5 October.

This year, we see a break in the trend and the maximum amounts have increased compared to previous years. The amounts are the same per phase, but do differ per type of Solar PV. For instance, the amounts for building-bound PV are higher than for ground-bound. For projects < 1 Mwp, we see no difference in maximum amounts for ground-based, building-related and floating on water.

Below is a summary of the opening period and associated phase amounts.

Opening rounds SDE 2023 1
SDE++ 2023 final amounts known 5

Go to www.profinrg.nl/sde for more information and our offer to apply for SDE++ for you free of charge.