Contribution to energy transition


20,500 solar panels


6.6 mWp power

CO2 reduction

2,884,200 kg CO2 savings


Cable Pooling LangstraatZon, Waalwijk

After a 9-month development and testing period, Eneco agreed to commission medium-voltage power control at LangstraatZon in Waalwijk.
The solar farm is built on an old landfill and uses the grid connection of an Eneco wind farm. The power control is set so that the solar farm is immediately regulated back in strong winds. In low wind conditions, the entire production capacity of the # solar farm is used. As a result, the wind and solar farms jointly make optimum use of the limited capacity on the grid.
The control is composed of measurement coils (at medium voltage) and a PLC programmed by ProfiNRG. A dashboard shows real-time solar and wind farm production and allows remote adjustment of power control. "Challenge in this project was the speed and accuracy of measurement and control. We have now mastered that perfectly." says ProfiNRG project manager Martijn Feteris. A great result so at the end of the year!